CFA Jobs and CFA Salary – These elements may make you surprised


For many people, passing the CFA exam can help them to introduce themselves to the clients as well as prove their duty and a sense of responsibility with what they do. Firstly, fully understanding ethics standards is pretty important since you are in charge of managing other people’s hard earned money. Moreover, you need to think about the interest of your clients first instead of yours. Besides, you need to have a neutral and balanced view about every event in terms of financial issues. As a consequence, CFA certificate has earned its reputation as an intermediary which helps people to promote themselves and then earn higher salary. Thus, let’s find out the CFA Jobs and CFA salary that a CFA charterholder or candidate can earn.

CFA Jobs and CFA salary

What is CFA?

As you know, CFA is considered as the title which is handed out by the Chartered Financial Institution in the United States. Moreover, it is the most well-regarded as well as the most well-recognized course all over the world. By doing this course, you could feel free to enter for a lot of career aspects in terms of asset management, banking, investment banker and financial strategists.

Why should we take the CFA Exam?

One of the benefits you will achieve through the journey of becoming a CFA Charterholder is to enhance your knowledge which is not possible in any other programs. The CFA Program covers ethical and professional standard, a wide variety of investment tools, asset classes, portfolio management as well as wealth planning. Moreover, you can have the global recognition and highly transferable skills across the globe. Furthermore, CFA Study Program gives you the competitive advantage which is an edge in your profession. Lastly, you will get a chance to get a better remuneration since a CFA Charterholder gets better paid than your counterparts in the finance world.

Overview of CFA Jobs

Now, I would like to talk about the job prospects as well as the related benefits when you become a CFA Charterholder. Earning your CFA title will give you significant competitive advantage for international job opportunities. There is a study conducted by Russell Reynolds that shows CFA Charterholder out-earning their peers by more than 50 percent.

CFA Charterholders are primarily employed at Investment Banks, Equity Research, Private Equity Firms, Wealth Advisory together with KPOs. However, CFA certificate can help you to get a job but not guarantee a job. Getting a CFA title does not necessarily equip you to handle any kind of investment role. Nevertheless, people who hold the CFA Charter are ensured a better salary for sure. As a result, CFA Program is an entry point to pursue CFA jobs in investment and finance.

If you are among of them, you may be wondering what kind of specific jobs to seek for?

There are a diverse set of opportunities for CFA Charterholder as below:

Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst

Of course, a majority of CFA Charterholers tend to participate in portfolio management and investment analysis. They will help people to manage their money in a professional way. And an interesting observation shows that globally, most of the CFA Charterholder become the portfolio manager while in India, a majority of them are still at the position of being a research analyst. Last but not least, these two positions are regarded as the most popular CFA careers these days.

Chief-level Executive

There is an increasing proportion of Chief-level Executive with the CFA title, which means that there are more CFOs and Chief Investment Officers taking the exam and become the Charter holders nowadays.

Other profession

CFA Jobs are getting more diversified with more professions in the other category including:

  • Consultant
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Relationship Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Strategist
  • Trader

Details of CFA Salary

The average salary among the CFA Charterholders is approximately $87,000 a year. However, this amount will be more or less based on your workplace as well as your experience. Moreover, your location may have a great influence on your salary level. For instance, if you live in Washington, California, Connecticut, Oregon or New York, your salary is surprisingly higher than the other regions in the United States.

Top 10 CFA Employers

As a prestige certificate, there are a variety of employers wanting to hire the CFA Charterholders. However, here are the top 10 employers of CFA Charterholders and candidates. They are full service financial institutions with big research capabilities, asset management as well as wealth management arms.

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • BofA Merrill Lynch
  • HSBC
  • PWC
  • UBS
  • Citigroup
  • Ernest and Young
  • KPMG
  • Barclays
  • Morgan Stanley


I wish that all of the information in my CFA Jobs and CFA Salary review will contribute to your understanding. In case you have any queries about this matter, do not hesitate to send it to me immediately.

4 thoughts on “CFA Jobs and CFA Salary – These elements may make you surprised

  • Does financial modeling compliments CFA and help me get a better job after Level 1 as a fresher and also does combination of CFA and Frm open some specific job ??

    • Yes, financial modelling can be a good field for you if you work in Modelling. As other certificates, it’s all a plus point for you in your CV. However, to get a job it does require other things like your skills, experiences, attitude, etc.

  • I am a mechanical engineer. I had 4 years of work experience as mainly technical steel plant engineering consultant with project finance. I left my job for CFA LEVEL 2, but I couldn’t make it last year. I am giving this again as I have fallen in love with this subject. Will it be possible for me to get a job in research field as a trainee.
    I live in Kolkata India.

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