Introduction of CFA Mock Exam – The Best Solution for Your Knowledge Review


Nowadays, more and more people are trying to become the CFA Charterholder, but not many people can do so. The reason is that you do not have the adequate understanding to pass the difficult CFA Exam. Therefore, you need to carefully review all of the topics before the exam date, and I am sure that CFA Mock Exam will be able to help you.

cfa mock exam

Overview of CFA Mock Exam

As you know, all of the CFA candidates are going to sit for the exam in June. Therefore, what should they do at this moment to have sufficient knowledge and pass the exam? According to my opinion, they are suggested to revise the whole content as well as practice the case studies many times.

On top of everything, they should solve all the questions of the mock exam again and again. Mock exam is considered as one of the best tools that can help you enhance all of the topics for your important day. However, many people tend to ignore this wonderful exam due to many reasons, which will make you totally regret in the future. As a result, make sure to listen to my advice and pay much attention to the CFA Mock Exam.

Benefits of CFA Mock Exam

Fully understand the CFA Exam format

When doing the mock exam, you can grab the chance to experience the format of your real exam. Although you cannot finish most of the questions, it is not a big problem since you know that you have to review everything again.

Know how to approach the exam in the right way

With the same structure as the actual exam, you can have an overview of how to distribute your time properly. You should pass the questions that you do not know and focus on the others to get good points. After the mock exam, you will be provided the full answers with brief explanations, so you can know how to collect the marks in the actual exam. Besides, you can know how to calm down when feeling unsecure or get stuck with difficult questions.

Reveal your weak points

Mock exam is regarded as the real nightmare of many CFA candidates since it exposes all of your weaknesses. You may think that you are excellent at understanding all of the topics but the truth is you do not. By doing the mock exam, all of the weak areas will be identified and you will become panicked since you have less time for reviewing.

Owing to this so-called ‘nightmare’ reason, a number of people make great efforts to prepare everything perfectly before the mock exam. However, the more they prepare for the best, the more time they waste and finally, they miss the opportunity to practice the mock exam. Thus, my advice is not to wait for the right time, you have to make a wise decision quickly since time goes very fast without stopping for anyone.

With those people who are afraid of this nightmare, you need to seek for a solution and overcome this fear immediately. Many years ago, I also have experienced this issue, so that I am going to give you some tips and you can apply for yourself. First of all, you should not run away from the fear because you cannot become successful by doing so. You should face this challenge and consider the mock exam as the supportive tool which can identify your weak points. Thanks to this help, you can narrow the scope of your study since you can focus on the areas that you do not fully understand.

Free charge

Furthermore, do you know that CFA Mock Exam is free? Each of the CFA candidate will have a chance to attend one free mock exam which is arranged by the CFA Institute. This expense is included in the registration fee, so that why don’t you make full use of this cost and test your ability?

CFA Mock Exam Difficulty Compared with the Real One

All of the mock exams are designed to have the same difficult level as the real one, which can help the candidate to check their understanding. As a consequence, practicing doing mock exams can become your valuable experience before doing the real test.

However, I am going to announce such a good news for anyone who are preparing for CFA Exam Level 1. Most of the people who used to experience this test think that Level 1 mock exam seems to be more difficult than the actual exam. Therefore, don’t worry about the stress when you have to face the unknown questions during your mock time.


I hope that all of my sharing will help you gain more understanding about CFA Mock Exam. Nevertheless, in case you are in need of any further information, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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