What Should You Prepare If There Are Only 2 Weeks Left to the CFA Exam?

Top tips for your CFA Exam in the last days

I am sure that there are a number of CFA candidates all over the world who are struggling with the upcoming exam. However, you do not need to be under such pressure since you can overcome this test if you have the careful preparation from now.

In my opinion, when it comes to CFA Exam, self-study is one of the most significant factors that you have to know first. When I was a CFA candidate many years ago, I found that learning with the teachers would help you understand the modules quicker as well as get access to the curriculum easier. However, you should not depend on them too much as self-study will allow you to remember the knowledge longer and more thoroughly.

Moreover, even though you master the basic knowledge, you will be extremely nervous if the CFA Exam is coming in a few weeks. As a result, I am going to share my experience together with my useful tips for those people who are in need.

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The Tips to Prepare for Upcoming CFA Exam

After dealing with a variety of methods during my CFA Review, I have identified some of the best ways for you if there are only two weeks left to the CFA Exam. I hope that these suggestions will work well for many people since I can make full use of them before.

Identify your own way to memorize

To be honest, I have to admit that my memory ability is not excellent so that I have to seek for as many ways as possible to increase my memory. According to my experience, the mind map is one of the best choices for anyone who shares the same concern as me.

Borrowing other people’s mind map is not a good idea since you will not fully understand all of the details unless you are the one who creates the CFA mind maps yourself. By investing your time on this method, you can go through all of the subjects efficiently in a short period. You can download some CFA Mind Maps here for your further consideration. Wanna know the effect of CFA Mind Maps, please read here.

Moreover, you can write down all of the difficult definitions on the paper and then read them many times. By doing this, you can gradually take all of the necessary knowledge into your head. Therefore, I highly recommend that you should try to find out the most suitable ways to remember the whole module.

Link all of the knowledge together

Another tip to consider is that you should connect all of the knowledge together since it will make you understand the lessons more clearly. During your study, I notice that there is a diversity of contents that are repeated in different subjects.

As a result, when you face this situation, you should quickly gather these notes together, which will allow you to understand more deeply, more generally as well as more thoroughly. If you have two weeks left, applying this cross-check method to your study will put a positive influence on your final result for sure.

Doing the Practice Tests and Mock Exams

I have completed all three levels of CFA Exam so that I have known all of the pressure and challenges when coping with this exam. First of all, CFA Level 1 is easier than CFA Level 2 and 3, but you cannot take it easy since this is the first time that you really participate in the test.

When you reach CFA Level 3, I am sure that you will have enough experience on studying and doing the exam. However, I think that Practice Tests and Mock Exams always play an important role for every level.

In particular, I suggest that you should do these test right after reviewing any particular session. And more importantly, you have to set the time exactly like the real exam, which enables you to allocate the time properly, improve your endurance and become familiar with the speed of the test as well.

You should not only focus on your score but also pay much attention to the explanation from the answer sheet. By doing this, you can identify your weak areas as well as know how to solve the problems in the most effective way. I know that this method will be time-consuming but it is worth making attempts because you can have the certain and complete success after all.

Maintain your health

If you spend too much time on studying without eating properly, this will do harm to your health, and you may be exhausted before the actual CFA Exam. You need to have a good eating plan as well as avoid the sickness, especially during your final stage.

On the day of your exam, make sure that you have a simple and healthy meal so as to prevent any risks from occurring. That is my faithful advice for all of the candidates right now.

Relax and release all of the pressure

As an experienced person, I know that you are nervous and stressed at this moment. Nevertheless, you ought to put your mind at ease since you know your priority and make the best attempt to achieve your goal. As a consequence, you have to be in the most comfortable state in order to receive the best result.

The Tips for Your CFA Exam Day

Last but not least, I am going to show you some important matters that you should remember on your exam day. Firstly, the temperature of the exam room is very low so that I advise that you should bring along your coat. However, if you still feel cold, you can ask for the supervisor’s support to adjust the temperature for you. Do not be afraid to look for help because it is your right.

Furthermore, you should check your calculator in case there are any problems. Besides, I highly recommend that you should wear your watch since you may sit on the positions that are hard to see the room clock. Apart from these things, passport and tickets are regarded as the most vital things that you need to have to enter the exam room.


In summary, I wish that all of my sharing in this article will give you the useful information about how to prepare for the CFA Exam in case there are only two weeks left. I am sure that you can take advantage of some tips and use it for yourself. Nevertheless, if you have any confusion or queries, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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