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CFA level 1 exam

Just over a month until the CFA level 1 exam? How are you learning? We know exactly how you feel now – it’s so close yet so far. You’re exhausted, stressed and tired.

You and people who study CFA® Program all know that CFA level 1 exam and cfa exam in general is a very challenging exam, which costs you a lot of effort to pass. The curriculum is very long and you have to learn and revise the content for several times to remember.  One of the most common advices that I have given to many candidates is that you should make a summary for each reading in the LOS, which will finally be very useful for you in the last days before sitting on the exam. There are many tools to do that whether you can note down on your own handbook or use some note-taking programs to do this.

We used to be candidates for CFA exams and thus, we deeply understand how difficult the exams are. After a long journey of hard learning, we have discovered ONE SECRET that help you much easier to learn and approach the CFA exam. It is to use MIND MAPS.

You can download some sample CFA Mind Maps for CFA level 1 Exam & level 2 here.

CFA level 1 exam  Click here

Look at the Mind Maps below and see.

CFA level 1 exam

With a Mind Map, everything seems to be much easier. You can see the whole reading overall. So don’t you think it is much easier for you now in these last days to revise everything with a Mind Map? Many candidates have told us that in these last days, they just use these mind maps to revise. NO MORE OTHER MATERIALS.

And of course, many of you have no time to do this. We have a lot other things to do like our family stuffs or workload so many of you cannot finish the whole summaries that you have started. But don’t worry; we have made for you all. You can download some sample CFA Mind Maps for CFA level 1 Exam & level 2 here.

CFA exam

Along with revise everything, you should do Practice Exam do. We strongly recommend you use Mock Exam and Practice Question in Curriculum books. Why? You know who hold the exam and make questions? CFA Institute.

Download some sample CFA Mind Maps for CFA level 1 exam & level 2 here.


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