Useful CFA Notes can help you pass the exam

Introduction to CFA notes

These days, young people tend to invest a lot of time studying for the CFA exam and wanted to go smoothly. The good news is that most issues candidates face on the exam day can be avoided with the sufficient CFA notes, therefore, let’s check all of the possible materials as below.

cfa notes

What is CFA?

As you may know, the word CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. In particular, there is an institute in the United States which is called as Chartered Financial Analyst Institute. This institute simultaneously conducts this program across the globe as well as this program format consists of 3 levels. In order to finish all three levels, you need at least 1 and a half years in total.

  • Level 1: This level is conducted twice a year, either in June or December.
  • Level 2: Different from level 1, this one is conducted only once a year in June.
  • Level 3: The exam time of this level is the same as level 2.

How to become eligible for CFA Exams

To be eligible for CFA exams, you should be a graduate or final-year student. Moreover, you need to have a valid international passport, otherwise, you will not be able to register for this exam.

There are two specific reasons for this passport requirement. Firstly, you will have an international ID proof. Moreover, the demand and supply of candidates is managed on a global level, so that CFA Institute want to avoid the scenario whether it is an excess supply in China as well as excess demand in India. With the passport, demand and supply analysis can be managed on a global scale.

Therefore, make sure to check that your international travel passport is valid and make sure that it does not expires prior to the exam day.

The useful CFA Notes

IFT CFA Review Notes

Owing to the difficulty of CFA questions during the exam, many students are in need of reading notes which help them to review all of the CFA Curriculum in an effective way. These notes are aligned with the curriculum since you can see the highlighted sections inside the notes. All of the most important points will be emphasized and explained clearly. Furthermore, there are a number of examples which illustrate the most efficient way of dealing with exam type questions.

Also, you will be able to get the practice questions for every reading and then, by doing these questions, you can test whether you have understood the main concepts or not. At the end of every topic, we will also have a quiz for the full section. All of the practice questions and quizzes will encourage you to focus on the reading more.

Kaplan Schweser CFA Materials

According to many students, Kaplan Schweser CFA Materials are great owing to the clear and comprehensive way of explaining. Besides, the sessions are fairly easy to read as well as the summaries at the end of each session are aligned with the content. By reading these books, you can be well-prepared for the exam questions.

However, in case you are in need of detailed explanation about any given topic, you can get access to Kaplan Schweser’s online sessions and then get more information from the instructors. The way they present the material is really great because it provides many different perspectives instead of reading on your own. In addition, they are able to clarify certain subjects in a way that make them easier to understand. Last but not least, these materials can let you know what you need to know for the exam.

CFA Study Guide by Wiley

With the separation of numerous books for 3 different levels, the focus is on ensuring absolute complete curriculum coverage. Without any shortcuts, all of the examples, definitions and concepts are explained in there. From the Study Guides, you can go over 12 videos with comprehensive instructions, intensive reviews as well as mock exam reviews for each level.

By learning with these guides, you can have sufficient knowledge to pass the test. Moreover, even if you have no background in accounting, finance or commerce, it is not an issue since we will get you to where you need to.

iPlan Education’s study materials

Specializing in coaching CFA, iPlan Education will be able to provide you the perfect combination of practical assignments and problem solving. You can have a number of essential tools such as lecture notes, practice questions, video tutorials, formula guides together with mind map, which can greatly contribute to your knowledge.

CFA Mind Maps by Way To Finance Success

These mind maps are of summaries of CFA content but quite easily to learn in comparison with other kinds of summary as it is presented in Mind Map method. You can download some CFA Mind Maps here


In summary, all of the CPA Notes above can give you not only the clear understanding but also the chance to pass for your very first time of attempt. If you know any better materials, be willing to send it to us and we can improve together.

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