Hack CFA Level 1 Exam in ONE month

One month to hack CFA Level 1 Exam? You will think this is a funny story. Challenging CFA program in one month is a daunting task. However, nothing is impossible. When you set up a study plan carefully to practice, it does not a matter to hack the exam in one month.

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Prepare CFA Level 1 Exam in one month

Understand your study style

Are you a-study-at-home or outside studying style? Whether you choose to learn at home or outside places, make sure you find a suitable place to study the materials. Some candidates could select a coffee as they love enjoying many great melodies with comfy chairs.

Make a study plan wisely

Because you have 30 days only, you should establish an exact 30-day schedule. Find and register an immediate course so that instructors will help you how to learn in CFA program. At the same time, you will have an opportunity to practice knowledge and questions with friends in the class.

Select CFA Level 1 on CFAI’s website to learn and practice is also a good platform. The study plan will often begin on Thursday and it will end on a Friday. You can combine this way to practice more and more.

Use mind map method

As the CFA Level I exam has ten topic areas with lots of knowledge, you need to summarize the concepts. To summarize all concepts, you should use mind map method to expand your notes.

Using mind-map method would be a great way to study and practice in CFA program if you have to reach the main ideas of the concept. Then, you apply it for answering many questions.

Moreover, you ought to revise what you are briefed to make sure the understanding in each study session.

You will consume much time to make your mind-map notes. In this situation, choose and utilize e-Mind Maps for ten topic areas is the best solution.  Here is some FREE Mind Maps.

Review Financial Reporting and Analysis and Quantitative Methods carefully

Financial Reporting and Analysis, as well as Quantitative Methods, are two chapters that will help you get some tools. When you pay attention to FRA and QM, you enable to get the overall understanding of the entire curriculum of CFA Level 1.

Do not panic with Ethics

Ethics is one of the most difficult subjects that candidates might scared. However, you should understand how to abide by the Standards of Professional Conduct. This is also what would be taken into account as a contravention.

Get the right preparation materials

Because your time are limited, you could not learn and practice plenty of materials in CFA program.

To solve this problem, you need to focus on the curriculum and Kaplan Schweser Note. Everything you will catch on the exam straightly comes from these materials.

Furthermore, you should learn the exam preparation materials and study tips on the institute’s website. If you choose a live-instruction platform, then you could recommend some private prep tests.

Candidates sometimes get benefit from a different view on the material and the live instruction form.

Combine practice Reading parts and do the mock papers

At your schedule, you should place the mocks time during your practicing time. Once you finish one chapter or one part of a topic area, you should practice the mock papers at the same time. Because you still remember knowledge clearly and you make a second chance to stick knowledge on your brain again.

Take one or two mock exams  

After you have completed your study guides, you should have come back the EOCs. Then, you try one or two full mock tests. By doing this, you could estimate the time you use to answer all questions and train your mind to do the exam beforehand.

Draw attention to your health

With 30 days, you do not want to miss every second, but it does not mean you forget your health. Try to balance your life and take care of your health between studying, playing and sleeping. Do not forget to do exercise and evade coffee drinks.

Do not miss out additional stuff before entering the CFA Level 1 board

Check some admin stuff beforehand

You have already studied and practiced CFA Level 1 carefully, but a small thing could make you fail during the actual exam.

You ought to forget the exact time and the place to come on time when the exam day is coming. You are not the only one as many candidates also make these mistakes. When you come late, examiners do not allow you to enter the board.

On the flip side, you should check your car beforehand to prevent potential accidents while driving. Thus, ensure and check these admin tasks as carefully as you can.

In the exam room, some candidates may feel uncomfortable because of low degrees in the air condition. If you feel cold, then you could wear a jacket during the exam hours.

Take more rest days during your practicing time

Although you have four weeks to practice, you should have one day a week to take a rest. It will make your mind more comfortable.

When you come back to study, you will increase the performance strongly. On the other hand, you would have understand a tough concept after a few hours of relaxing.

Avoid trying to cram all hours the night before

Go to bed earlier the night before to help you have a powerful mind in the next day. Furthermore, you should relax to get a better feeling and cut down anxiety on your mind. You also need to evade a party as you will have more drinks, and you will come to the the CFA Level 1 exam board late.

Come to the exam place before

Why should you need to come to the exam place before? Because you will estimate the time to drive, find the right parking lot, and the place to enjoy your lunch.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the only way to hack the CFA Level 1 exam in one month is practicing and reviewing the curriculum all the time. The careful study schedule may support you to overcome obstacles during the CFA Program period. List out and place your strengths and your weak points when coming up with your plan.

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